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Reports of successes

Success report on treating allergy

33 year old patient


The patient, a lady, suffered with severe allergies to pollen and animal hair. Allergy-related asthmatic problems also surfaced.
After a course of 10 treatments the allergies significantly regressed and the patient is now able to live without further medication. The asthmatic problems are also much reduced. In addition the patient reports that her sleep behaviour and achievement potential have improved considerably.

Diagnosis: vascular loop syndrome

Patient aged 54


The female patient reported an everyday life made more difficult on account of dizziness, nausea, reduction in sight capability and the danger of falling. She also suffered from tinnitus.


After just 5 treatments the nausea was under control and the patient was able to master longer stretches of walking. There was also improvement in sight capability.


After 10 treatments the tinnitus completely disappeared. The patient expressed she had ‘a completely new attitude to life.’

Symptoms: Water retention in the extremities and delays to wound healing

Patient aged 42


Complaints: painful legs, shortage of breath, open wounds on the legs


The patient began the Oxyven treatment. After just the first therapy the process of mobilization of edema fluid began to take place. After only a few therapies the shortage of breath improved and the wounds on the legs started to heal. After 10 treatments the patient’s quality of life had improved substantially.
Regular treatments followed to maintain the success obtained.

Diagnosis: Condition following heart attack

Female patient aged 64


Status at commencement: daily intake of medication to inhibit water retention, body unable to take any stress, walking up a slight slope was not possible. Patient suffered from shortage of breath and disturbed sleep.


After just 3 treatments it was possible to reduce medication substantially. In addition, there was a significant improvement in sleep quality and the ability of the body to accept stress. After a course of 10 treatments the patient reported a newly acquired unrestricted life awareness.

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