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Innovative appliances for oxygen application


Dr. H.S. Regelsberger, a former neurosurgeon at the University of Cologne, was engaged early on in his career with the intravenous introduction of oxygen for therapeutic purposes. He developed a therapy for which he coined the name Oxyven and employed it in numerous cases of illnesses, often with spectacular success. He researched tirelessly until shortly before his death in 1990 and published many scientific papers including a monograph on IOT.

General information

Regelsberger‘s intravenous oxygen therapy (IOT) is a method which Is easy to carry out and is to all intents and purposes free of side effects. It strengthens the body’s own anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.


By the intravenous introduction of gaseous oxygen (Oxyven Therapy), which the body recognizes as ‘foreign’, a reaction is produced in the blood. As a result, among other things a number of defence mechanisms are activated which can explain the positive effects of the Oxyven therapy in cases of blood circulation interference, allergies, chronic inflammation, and auto immune illnesses, as well as in the treatment of oncologic illnesses.


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Advantages of Oxyven

  • Highly effective method for the prevention of and recovery from numerous illnesses
  • It is simple to carry out technically and can be delegated to medical staff
  • The effectiveness of the therapy can be supported and optimized by the intake of specific substances (fish oil, selenium)
  • Broad indications spectrum


The Oxyven appliance is a Class 2 medical product. This requires regular maintenance which is carried out by eventum celsus through a customer friendly rental concept. This entails an All-in-Leasing agreement, from which only those materials which are used once and then disposed of are excluded. The advantages for the doctor are: no investment costs, marketing support with informative leaflets (these are specific to specialized fields) and training.

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