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The Oxyven process

Intravenous oxygen therapy

An Overview

In the course of his research work Dr,med, Regelsberger developed a method of introducing intravenously small amounts of pure medicinal oxygen in exact dosages. Like carbon dioxide, oxygen can pass freely through lung tissue. Oxygen in the form of tiny bubbles is important for the Oxyven process. The tiny bubbles are recognized by the immune system as foreign bodies and processed accordingly. The bubble has a slight pro-oxidative local effect. It is this stimulation in vivo, and so in the patient’s vessels system, that separates the intravenous oxygen therapy developed by Dr.med. Regelsberger from all other oxygen therapies.

Application Areas

Intravenous oxygen therapy is utilized very frequently by Oxyven therapists in the case of illnesses characterized by reduced blood circulation and in cases of chronic inflammation.

How the treatment is carried out

  • Intravenous oxygen therapy is carried out with the patient in the prone position
  • On account of the innovative nature of the appliance only very small quantities of oxygen are used
  • The rate at which oxygen is introduced to the body is 1- 2 ml. per minute
  • Primary treatment requires approximately 3 – 4 weeks, excluding Saturday and Sunday
  • Secondary or post treatment, where indicated, can take up to two weeks
  • The introduction of oxygen takes place using very thin needles, so that the patient barely feels a pricking sensation
  • Following the introduction of oxygen into the system the patient should lie still for 20 minutes
  • During this period the oxygen in the blood for the most part dissipates

What can reduce its effectiveness?

Taking cyclooxygenase inhibitors such as ASS 100 mg. or NSAR does not affect the increase in eosinophil granulocytes and their enzyme activities in the differential thermogram but does influence the effect produced via the so-called arachidon cascade.
Further information regarding intravenous oxygen therapy can be obtained from your general practitioner.

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