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Medicinal Products & Medical Consulting

Innovative oxygen appliances, (active) therapy support and much more

eventum celsus, your partner in the field of medicinal products and medical consulting, provides a range of goods and services extending from the sale of diverse medicinal products to the rental of oxyven* appliances, with complete professional backup on every item we make available. We offer project management in both pharmacological and technical medicine fields, an example of which is the planning and development of product launches on to the Austrian market.


*oxyven and oxyvenierung are words used by Dr.med.H.S: Regelsberger to describe his researched oxygen treatment.

Medical  Products - Eventum Celsus


Oxyven – innovative appliances for the application of oxygen for intravenous oxygen therapy as promulgated by Dr.med. Regelsberger

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Eventum celsus provides market analysis, planning, optimization and provision of associated services for the field of medicine and pharmacology.

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